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A grandfather lifting weights is the most emotional commercial of holidays

Anuncio del abuelo levantando pesas

A grandfather lifting weights is an endearing story that has been viral.

Christmas is coming and brands are rushing to launch their advertising campaigns. In a time with so much publicity noise, there are those who prefer to launch their campaign in mid-November and advance to the Christmas campaign. There are other brands that prefer to wait until the last week to move with their message and generate a positive impact.

These holidays have been campaigns of all kinds. Most undoubtedly conditioned or marked by the main protagonist of this 2020: Covid19. But we could agree that, of all, “The Letter” from Coca-Cola is the best that has been published. Well, today we will see an ad that could almost overshadow it. Popularly known as “the commercial of the grandfather lifting weights”, it has moved the networks and has already had more than 10 million views only on YouTube.

The commercial for the German pharmaceutical company DocMorris is titled “Herzensangelegenheit” (Affair of the heart) and has been made by the German agency Jung von Matt / SAGA and the production company Markenfilm. In it we see how a grandfather begins to get in shape by lifting weights. The people around him observe him suspiciously but he continues in his efforts to train without stopping. The result of so much training is revealed when the grandfather goes to his daughter’s house to celebrate Christmas and reunite with his granddaughter.

According to Gil Pfitzenmaier, marketing director of the German pharmaceutical company, “We are in control of our own lives. Everyone revolves around us. Only when it comes to health, the most important aspect in people’s lives, are others who They are in control. Why? This is the question DocMorris asks in his new campaign. “

An outstanding announcement that is being the most shared this Christmas for its high load of emotion and meaning.

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