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The original Le Drugstore Parisien campaign to attract customers to your store

This original campaign of Le Drugstore Parisien has attracted customers to the store at zero cost.

We love simple and effective ideas. Many times you do not have to squeeze much brain to create a campaign that serves brands. Just look at the details we live every day to tie the knots and create an effective campaign at zero cost. This is the case of Le Drugstore Parisien’s original action to attract customers to its store.

Paris is one of the most visited capitals in the world and therefore has a ratio of stores higher than any other city. Under this scenario, it is very difficult to highlight, especially if you are a small store unknown to most people.

On the other way, electric scooter rental platforms are increasing to favor sustainable mobility in the city. Most tourists have their apps where they can geolocate one of these scooters to move quickly between areas.

So, if everyone searches for scooters and nobody looks for Le Drugstore … why do we put them together? So those who want a scooter must pass in front of our store. Said and done, for 24 hours they placed a large number of electric scooters in front of the store. Everyone who wanted to rent one had to pass in front of Le Drugstore.

To finish off the action, they offered specific discounts and specific gifts for that day. The result? A 50% increase in store traffic, 850,000 media impressions and a 20% increase in store expenses. And all without investing one euro.


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