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The powerful ad of Nike in Mexico: “Juntas Imparables”

The last ad of Nike in Mexico puts the feminist struggle in Mexico at the forefront.

For a long time, brands have stopped advertising the benefits of their product. Now the brands make advertising campaigns more vindicating to champion certain struggles against the imposed status. Clear examples are the latest advertising campaign of Pantene or the vindictive campaigns of Procter & Gamble as well as the last spot of the Erotic Festival of Barcelona.

One of these brands is Nike, which has a 2018 full of protest ads, such as the last advertising campaign in Mexico: “Unstoppable Meetings”.

Anuncio de Nike: Juntas Imparables

The ad irrevocably reminds us of Nike’s legendary announcement with the Brazilian team: “Airport”, which we once analyzed at the telling advertising agency.The difference is that now it is played by unknown women and in the middle of a traffic jam.

The ad supports the feminist struggle and denounces the situations of inequality that women experience every day in Mexico. Under the slogan “It’s our time, come on, Mexico.”

A big traffic jam is the excuse of these women to escape the situations they have imposed. As it goes by, the female tide grows to come to rebel against the patriarchy. In the ad there are familiar faces of sport in Mexico such as the runner Paola Morán, the footballer Nayeli Rangel, the gymnast Alexa Moreno, the basketball player Casandra Ascencio and the boxer Mariana Juárez.

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