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How to add filters to TikTok

Add filters to your TikTok videos in 5 easy steps

Añadir filtros a TikTok

Give it a special touch by adding filters to your TikTok videos. We teach you how to do it.

Tiktok is standing out as the most used platforms among the young public. And it is that natural evolution is making TikTok the most used social network ahead of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

And it seems that it will go further thanks to TikTok’s marketing and advertising strategy, carrying out advertising campaigns and sponsoring large events. And it is that the platform owned by ByteDance is becoming a global brand with great prestige. This is due to the great options it offers users, who have the opportunity to make viral videos in an easy and simple way.

One of those features that distinguishes it from other alternatives is the use of filters that you can use. Thanks to them you can make creative videos without much effort. Today we are going to show you how to add filters to TikTok.

If you’re just starting out, you should know how to put filters on your TikTok videos. It is essential to obtain creative results and attract the attention of followers. Here is how you can find TikTok filters.

Añadir Filtros a TikTok

  • When you enter the application, click on the + icon to create your video.
  • At the bottom left you will see the Effects button.
  • At the bottom of the app, a wide variety of effects and filters will appear.
  • You can try without saving all the filters you want.
  • When you find the filter you like the most, close the filter menu by tapping on the screen and pressing the “record” button.

As you may have seen, adding filters to your TikTok videos is quick, easy, and simple. Now you have no excuse to start unfolding all your creativity.


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