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The spectacular Adidas commercial dedicated to Real Madrid

The Parisian agency MNSTR signs this campaign with anime style

Anuncio de Adidas | Real Madrid Odyssee Grandeza

The Adidas commercial is a spectacular animated short to demonstrate the greatness of Real Madrid.

When talking about advertising campaigns carried out by football teams; The first that would come to mind would be the adverts for Atletico de Madrid and the adverts for FC Barcelona.

Atletico de Madrid have had the invaluable help of the Mrs. Rushmore agency and FC Barcelona with Estrella Damm. In all this time his rival team, Real Madrid, hardly launched advertising campaigns. Not until Adidas has launched this campaign to honor the greatness of the white club.

“Odysée Grandeza” is the title of the Adidas advert made by the Parisian agency MNSTR and produced by Bol Production House. It is an animated advertisement with Japanese anime aesthetics by the Argentine studio 2Veinte.

The Adidas campaign is a tribute to the club’s 120th anniversary and is a tribute to the white club and its legacy. The story introduces us to three teenage friends who embark on a fantastic adventure to defeat the forces of evil; and with the help of Karim Benzema.

The Adidas advert is full of Madridista details that want to connect the brand with its audience through culture. From mentions to players and symbols through winks to the way of life of today’s teenagers.

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