Adidas commercial defies censorship and launches 43 models of sports bras

Adidas Sports Bra Advert

The controversial Adidas Breast ad: On image posted on Instagram showing the variety of breast shapes and sizes.

When choosing a sports bra, it is key that it feels comfortable and does not damage the chest. Sports brands have been racking their brains for some time to offer clothing lines in line with the feminine reality. And it is that each woman is unique and her needs are different.

For this reason, Adidas has created more than 40 models of sports bras so that each woman can choose the one that best suits her. And he has promoted it in such a way that he has amazed all the followers on social networks.

Adidas – The reasons we didn’t make just one sports bra





“All women deserve the best support” is the title of the Adidas Sports Bra Ad. On Instagram they have posted an image of 20 different women’s breasts, each of different shapes and sizes. The brand seeks to normalize body diversity: “Over 90% of women wear the wrong size sports bra and don’t get the support they need. Our new collection of sports bras for all sports and all sizes gives you the perfect support “. It has published the brand on networks.

The Adidas post on Instagram has generated hundreds of comments and they applaud the brand’s involvement in trying to adapt to each type of chest. It is clear that the brand wants to incite controversy with an image that has been censored by the social network itself and its policies against nudity. The Adidas Bra Ad is only the beginning of a new marketing campaign titled: #SupportIsEverything

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