The Adidas commercial focuses on the insecurity of women when running

The agency TBWA Neboko has been in charge of the advertising campaign of the German brand

“The ridiculous run” is the title of the Adidas advertisement that reflects the feeling of many women when they go for a run.

“92% of women feel insecure when they go running.” With this devastating data we begin the review of the latest Adidas advertising campaign. The initiative is based on a study carried out by the brand on more than 9,000 runners, both men and women in nine countries.

The study also shows that 69% of the women surveyed take some specific measure to feel safer when it comes to running. Among them take someone who can protect them. All these conclusions have been applied when carrying out the campaign.

“The Ridiculous Run” is the title of the Adidas commercial about the insecurity women feel when going out for a run. It has been made by the TBWA Neboko agency and is a caricature of the security measures that many women must take before going for a run.

Other runners, bikers, cars or horses, anything goes in order to feel safer when practicing sports, especially at night. The campaign ends with a clear message: “This is ridiculous. It is also ridiculous that 92% of women feel unsafe when going out for a run.”

The Adidas commercial is part of the German firm’s program to advance equality in sport. Together with the NGO White Ribbon, they work to prevent violence against women by educating men. And it is that 62% surveyed recognize the problem, but only 18% believe that the insecurity that women feel when going out for a run is their fault. This data contrasts with the fact that 38% of women have suffered physical or verbal harassment while doing sports.

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