The funny advert for La Fallera seeks to promote the paella recipe globally

"Ambassadors of Paella" promotes the recipe internationally

Anuncio La Fallera | Embajadores de la Fallera

The advert for La Fallera wants to show the world the authentic Valencian recipe for paella.

Paella is undoubtedly the most well-known dish in Spain internationally. Tourists line up to taste such a succulent delicacy and try to replicate the recipe in their countries of origin. The thing is, that in this process, the original recipe has been perverted so much that instead of paella we can talk about “rice with things”. With a lot of things.

Arrozes La Fallera has wanted to remedy so much nonsense and has set out to explain to the world what the authentic Valencian paella recipe is in its latest advertising campaign.

“Ambassadors of Paella” is the title of the advert for La Fallera made by the agency La Mujer del Presidente and produced by Montaña. It will consist of outdoor advertising, radio ads and digital media.

The campaign explains the paella recipe to us through different ambassadors around the world. Each one with their language, they explain to us how to make a traditional Valencian paella. From China, India, Peru, the North Pole or Kenya they show us how to prepare the typical dish of our country.

According to Félix Hernández, Brand Manager of the brand: “Paella is part of the culture and tradition of Valencians. And from La Fallera we want to do our bit to promote the authenticity of the most international Spanish dish”

Jose Maza, Creative Director of La Mujer del Presidente points out: “In a category in which the messages are usually very local, we have focused the campaign on the internationality of paella, showing, through the different cultures and ethnic groups that are the protagonists of the campaign, the open and festive character of paella and the Valencians”.

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