Telling advertising, among the best advertising agencies in Barcelona

Best advertising agency in Barcelona

Telling advertising agency, among the most recognized advertising agencies in Barcelona.

According to Mediagenia list, we are one of the most recognized advertising agencies in Barcelona. It is always a good news that you are taken into account when choosing the best advertising agencies in Barcelona.

Mediagenia are responsible for providing creative management to companies. Through an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) that provides solutions in the management and organization of advertising agencies.

We are even happier that a company that manages so many advertising agencies has chosen Telling as one of the best advertising agencies in Barcelona.

Who is Telling Advertising Agency?Agencia de Publicidad en Barcelona - Telling

Surely many of you will know the work we do in social networks and, especially, in our Twitter account. In it we review the most creative ads, actions and advertising campaigns we see. We try to provide a plus of quality analyzing the advertising and marketing strategy of large companies, we do retrospective of many advertising campaigns, and we remember great personalities from the world of design.

All this is not alien to our daily work as an advertising agency. You will find all our projects in “Our Works” section, as well as to know those costumers for whom we work. Not all of them are there, and we try to find a space to update the new projects we have made. We hope you can see them soon on our website.

Agencia de Publicidad Telling - Trabajos

To finish, just remember who we are: Telling is a young, dynamic and fresh advertising agency formed by professionals with proven experience in the world of creativity, communication, design, marketing and online communication with a common denominator: love for advertising.

And also we are recognized as a top E-Commerce Design & Development Company on DesignRush

Agencia de Publicidad en Barcelona: Telling

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