Amazon advert details the passion of women’s soccer: “The Grit”

The agency adam&eveDDB has been in charge of the advertising campaign

The Amazon advert shows us the passion with which women’s football is lived.

Women’s football continues to gain followers every day. And with them, brands join a new wave that aims to show women’s football as a disruptive element in society. There are many that have made a big bet, like Nike, to establish themselves as flagship brands of the new football that is coming.

One of these brands is Amazon, who is an official sponsor of UEFA Women’s Football. It has just launched a campaign where it shows us the passion and spirit with which women’s football is lived today.

Amazon campaign for women’s football

“The Grit” is the title of the Amazon advert made by agency adam&eveDDB and directed by Molly Manning Walker. A campaign that will begin a multichannel strategy for the brand in different countries.

The Amazon ad moves to the beat of the song “Sweet Old Fashioned Girl” by Teresa Brewer. In just thirty seconds we see a string of dynamic images that teleport us to the playing field. Strength, passion and confidence are shown in all their splendor, putting the focus on the footballers.

The brand is revealed here as a partner, offering all the necessary material such as vests, shin guards or cold gel packs so that athletes can focus on what is most important.

According to Laura Downey, Amazon Brand Director in Europe: “We recognize that it is the players who make football what it is, and we want to celebrate that. With the launch of our campaign we want to continue helping our players access everything they can. need, knowing that they are buying a quality selection and that it will arrive in time for their next game.”

For her part, Jo Shoesmith, VP Global CCO of Amazon: “The growth of women’s football is booming in Europe, seeing for example the record attendance. The enthusiasm around football is palpable, and we recognize the inspiring effect that “This has on women and girls. Our campaign aims to give visibility to women’s football, focusing on the dedication and passion of the players, which makes the game what it is.”

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