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Amazon’s Christmas commercial brings back the singing boxes

Anuncio de Navidad de Amazon 2019

Amazon’s Christmas commercial brings us back its boxes that sing as main characters.

Cruising speed for Christmas ads. Traditionally, Amazon is usually one of the first companies to launch its Christmas campaign. With the Black Friday at the corner, launching the Christmas ads in early December would almost be reckless. Far away are those times where the announcement that marked the beginning of Christmas was that of Freixenet in mid-December.

But Amazon knows that the vast majority of consumers will buy their gifts on Black Friday. Hence his rush to launch the Christmas campaign. And, after last year’s success, they once again have their boxes that sing as protagonists in an announcement of good vibes, friendship and love. The ABC of the ads by these dates.

Amazon’s Christmas commercial sounds like “Everybody needs somebody to love.” During the minute and a half we see a succession of different Christmas scenes: reunions, smiles, joys and dances, Amazon packages through.

Like last year, the e-commerce giant leaves the mark in the background to give prominence to one of its most iconic objects: its boxes. According to Amazon: “It’s the time of year to get together. And Amazon’s boxes are back singing with everyone who has a festive spirit.”

The Amazon Christmas commercial was created by Nick Bird and Lee Smith, and directed by Henry Alex Rubin.

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