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Amazon’s emotional commercial for Alexa: “Proms”

Anuncio de Amazon Alexa | Proms

Amazon’s advert features Alexa’s goodness in an emotional ad titled “Proms”

Voice assistants are becoming more and more important in our daily lives. They make it much easier to interact with the internet at home in an organic and natural way. It is no coincidence that it is one of the most gifted technological gadgets to older people. Just by asking, the assistant provides numerous information in a simple and simple way.

That is why resorting to feelings is a sure trick when it comes to selling the device. Google already did it three years ago with that fantastic ad titled “Loretta” and which was one of the most viewed in the Super Bowl. Even today it is difficult not to be moved by that piece.

Now it is the turn of Amazon that, to present its Alexa voice assistant, resorts to nostalgia and emotion in its latest advertising campaign.

“Proms” is the title of Amazon’s commercial for Alexa. It was made by the Droga5 agency in London, Amazon’s head agency, and produced by Park Pictures. The commercial recreates the typical prom of an American high school in the 50s. The band is The Flamingos and they play “I only have eyes for you” so that the students dance together.

As they begin to dance, a subtle camera change transports us to the present and we see how that young couple is now a pair of grandparents dancing to the same song. As the song ends, the old woman’s memories fade until they play the song again and she regains her memories of that moment.

Amazon’s commercial is an emotional story of how voice assistants can recreate situations and help us remember.

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