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Amazon’s commercial based on costumer reviews

The agency 72andSunny carries out the first advertising campaign for the brand

Anuncio de Amazon | Every Day Better

Amazon’s ad is titled “Every Day Better” and emphasizes consumer reviews on products.

Since the emergence of the e-commerce giant Amazon, reviews have always been a reliable source when it comes to consulting about the quality and/or usability of the product. So much so that it has even led to a question/answer forum for each product. An added value that the American multinational wanted to highlight in its latest advertising campaign.

Amazon Commercial | Why Don’t You?

“Every Day Better” and “Why Don’t You?” are the titles of the Amazon commercials made by the agency 72andSunny, in the agency’s first work for the brand. The starting point is the user reviews that are made on the products that are sold on Amazon.

The campaign consists of two advertising pieces. In the first, a pregnant woman decides to buy some tents for the beds of her two children, who do not stop fighting. The review is the key and what marks the end of the Amazon ad: “I bought a tent for the bed from them. I gave them a new world”.

The other piece shows a boy who buys a horse costume to wear when passing the store where the girl works. The review that he puts is: “They asked me: why do you have that? And I simply answered: why not?

Amazon commercial – Every Day Better

According to Claudine Cheever, Vice President of Global Brand at Amazon: “Shoppers browse stores to find easier and better ways to do certain things, to solve problems or simply to be inspired. Amazon exists to empower their inventiveness with our facilities, product selection , value and comfort.”

Campaign creator Matt Murphy commented: “After going through thousands of customer reviews on Amazon, it seemed like we were starting to understand what the brand means to people. The stories they told in the reviews are about not just buying things, but what people do with those things, and that’s what matters.”

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