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Amazon’s emotional commercial: “Saving Sawyer”

The American multinational leaves us one of the most emotional announcements of the event.

Anuncio de Amazon | Saving Sawyer

Amazon’s Super Bowl commercial is an emotional story about a dog and lockdown.

The Super Bowl this year has given us, as always, great advertising campaigns. Some of the most remembered will be the return of the protagonists of Breaking Bad, the Rock stars in the Workspace commercial or this one at hand, made by Amazon.

And it is that the American multinational could not miss the annual event par excellence in the United States. Show business in style and brands at their peak, paying up to seven million for a 30-second pass at the event.

“Saving Sawyer” is the title of Amazon’s Super Bowl commercial that tells us the emotional story of a dog and his family during confinement. The piece begins by reminding us of what we are experiencing in a pandemic, teleworking from home and children studying in online classes.

But all that, luckily, is over and face-to-face is back to stay. The situation means that the pets we had at home feel alone when in the past they were always accompanied. It is a reality that best illustrates the Amazon ad and its leading dog.

From being comfortable with everyone to becoming melancholic, sad and rebellious. Little by little he will play throughout the house, destroying what he finds until the owners decide to surprise him by bringing him a new friend.

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