Cats riot in hilarious Back Market commercial: “Sorry Cats”

The brand's first international campaign has been created by the Buzzman agency

Anuncio de BackMarket | Sorry Cats

The Back Market commercial is a funny story of cat rebellion in the real world.

Cats are peculiar pets. Elusive, independent, affectionate or rebellious, they are the antagonists of the so-called best friend of man. Some sometimes disturbing personalities that have been used to launch a question: What would happen if the cats rebelled?

It is the premise of Back Market’s new advertising campaign. A suspenseful story in which felines rebel against the technology we use every day.

“Sorry Cats” is the title of the Back Market commercial created by the Parisian agency Buzzman. It is the first international campaign of the brand, created in France in 2014 and specialists in the sale of refurbished technological products.

Back Market’s commercial is an homage to Alfred Hitchcock’s films in which cats rebel against technological products. These form an alliance to prevent us from using gadgets on a daily basis and, little by little, they are taking over the streetsIt’s not until they get to the reconditioning lab that we discover the campaign tagline: “Sorry Cats. You’re not the only ones. Tech now have multiple lives, too”.

The BackMarket ad has been directed by Tom Kunts, director of ads for OldSpice, Ax and Heineken, among others, and winner of more than 40 lions at Cannes. This campaign is the brand’s first international campaign and will be broadcast in France, Germany and Spain as well as outdoor advertising and social media.

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