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Anuncio de Super Bowl 2022

The advert stars Matt Damon and kicks off the Super Bowl commercials.

Cryptocurrencies are growing and more and more platforms are being created so that you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Although it raises criticism regarding its volatility as a financial product, there are already many alternatives that exist in the market.

One of the platforms on the rise is, the most popular cryptocurrency trading app in the world. And he wants to make the leap by advertising in the Super Bowl that will be broadcast next Sunday, February 13.

“Fortune favors the brave” is the title of’s advert for Super Bowl 2022. It stars Matt Damon, is directed by Wally Pfister and produced by Davin Fincher. All awarded and nominated for Oscars. The 1-minute ad features a motivational speech by Matt Damon about the great achievements of humanity. These have been made by people with determination and commitment, who have thought and gone further than any of us. People who have been inspired by four words that have been repeated since Roman times: “Fortune favors the brave.”

The advert, which will air during the 2022 Super Bowl, has been possible thanks to the fact that the NBC network has opened new categories of advertisers.’s announcement is just the first of other similar companies, which will mix with the classic Budweiser commercials, Avocados, Pepsi or Audi.

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