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The Red Cross Christmas ad shows Santa Claus in a war zone

The shocking Red Cross Christmas ad tells us about Santa’s visit to a war zone.

So far the Christmas ads had been characterized by having that touch of nostalgia and melancholy. And the Red Cross has taken care to take all the nonsense off us. As? taking Santa to a war zone.

The Christmas announcement of the Red Cross wants to remove our conscience so that we realize that many children are going to spend a harrowing Christmas. “A global problem,  we must reflect” according to Gary Freedman, director of the ad, made by the agency Adam & eveDDB.

Set in a war zone, the Red Cross Christmas ad shows us the harsh reality, that Santa Claus has his limits. And the only thing that some children ask for this Christmas is to meet their family again. A wish that not even Santa Claus is able to fulfill.

Under the title of “The one gift Santa can not deliver” tells the story of a little girl who has been separated from her family because of the war. All he wants is to see his parents again and meet his family.

A shocking Christmas campaign that removes our consciences in a shocking way.

Via | Reason Why


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