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Apple’s advert is a funny story to celebrate Star Wars Day

The campaign was carried out by Apple under the direction of Kim Gehrig

Anuncio de Apple | Find your friends

Apple’s advert is a fun story to commemorate Star Wars Day.

May 4th is known as World Star Wars Day. It is a popular anniversary that took root thanks to the pronunciation of “May the Force be with you” and its similarity of “Force” to the number 4.

Year after year, fans from all over the world come together to share their passion and brands take advantage of it to make money. This is the case of Apple, which wanted to pay tribute to all those who are passionate about Star Wars with this fun campaign.

“Find Your Friends” is the title of Apple’s advert made by the brand’s in-house agency and directed by director Kim Gehring. It’s a three-minute short that shows a young fan in costume heading to a Star Wars convention.

The protagonist is played by Owen Jardiniano, a real-life fan who dresses up as a Mandalorian and makes the journey to the Star Wars convention. The cosplay is very well done, which is why there are such picturesque situations as he orders a coffee, gets on the bus or meets executives who are going to work. Finally, and thanks to the iPhone’s “Precision Search” function, he manages to find his Mandalorian friends.

According to Tor Myhren, Apple’s vice president of marketing and communications: “For us the ad is a declaration of love to Star Wars fans. It is a spot made with and for them. In this long-form piece we wanted something that was in the middle I walk between a music video, an advertisement and a product demonstration. Director Kim is a genius. She contributes a lot to each shot and above all, she provides the charm and lightness that is often missing in large cinematic spots like this one.”

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