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Apple’s commercial is a funny history of the iPhone’s privacy

The campaign is carried out by the actor Nick Mohammed, of Ted Lasso.

Anuncio de Apple con Nick Mohammed

Apple’s commercial tells us in a fun way about the security features in its devices.

From time to time Apple focuses its communication efforts on highlighting the security of its devices. Some campaigns that were devised as a result of the controversies over the stolen data on other competing devices. A series of malpractices from which Apple wants to move away and mark its own story.

This was previously done with “Data Auction”, a peculiar auction in which a person’s data was sold to the highest bidder. Or “Over Sharing” in which it is represented how it would be if all our tastes were made public.

Now he returns with another advertising campaign, this time starring Nick Mohammed, actor who plays the famous “Nate the Great” in the series Ted Lasso.

“A day in the life on an average’s person data” is the title of Apple’s commercial. In it he tells us a normal day in the life of Nick Mohammed, the famous actor from the series “Ted Lasso”. Together with a specialist from the company, they will live a normal day full of different daily activities. These will highlight the security advantages offered by the Apple iPhone.

This specialist explains how our daily activity produces personal data and how it can be avoided through tools included in the iPhone. Apps like Tracking Transparency or Mail Privacy Protection are essential to prevent this personal data from being generated when carrying out any activity.

This campaign is launched on the occasion of the International Day for the Protection of Information and highlights the strategy of the Cupertino company regarding security.

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