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Apple’s spectacular commercial for its Airpods Pro

The agency TBWA\Media Arts Lab and the production company Iconoclast are in charge of the advertising campaign

Anuncio de Apple Airpods Pro | Quiet the Noise

“Quiet the Noise” is the title of Apple’s commercial to announce its AirPods Pro and shows how the improved noise cancellation feature works.

In Apple’s advertising campaigns, one could talk about different styles depending on the type of product they want to sell. In the case of MacBooks, lightness. Regarding privacy, didactics with humor. And for Airpods, the feeling of freedom.

Now they are launching an advertising campaign again to show the benefits of one of the star features of the Airpod Pro: noise cancellation. And he does it with a spectacular announcement.

“Quiet the Noise” is the title of Apple’s commercial to announce the Airpod Pro. It was produced by the TBWA\Media Arts Lab agency and directed by the Megaforce directors, authors among others of Burberry’s advertising campaigns.

To showcase the noise cancellation of the Airpods Pro, Apple’s commercial floats everything that makes noise in the city. Thus, we see cars, operators, troupes and parties fly through the air to show the feeling of evasion of our protagonist.

To the rhythm of the version of the classic Pixies theme: “Where Is My Mind” sung by Tkay Maidza, Apple’s  commercial will show us how everything “returns to normal” if we deactivate noise cancellation.

The direction is in charge of the directors Megaforce, from the production company Iconoclast. They have previously worked with Apple on ads for the Apple Watch Series 2: “Go Time.” They have also created Burberry’s famous campaigns: “Open Spaces” and “Night Creatures” as well as “Crocodile Inside” for Lacoste.

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