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Apple’s Covid19 Commercial: “Creativity Goes On”

Apple | Creativity Goes On

Apple’s Covid19 Commercial encourages us to continue being creative at home.

The Covid19 advances irretrievably and its arrival in the United States has forced companies to make a move in terms of marketing. The confinement and the #StayHome movement that has occurred in both Italy and Spain has crossed the pond.

Brands are launching advertising campaigns on Covid19 and Apple has launched theirs with a message focused on creativity.

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“Creativity Goes On” is the title of the Apple’s Covid19 commercial. A type of advertisement with a very marked pattern, and it is that in times of confinement, the mere fact of shooting scenes at home is a chimera. Either you take home shots with an iphone or you can take newspaper archives with discarded material.

In “Creativity Goes On” we see a variety of Apple users showing their skills to learn, teach, play and create. We can also see how John Krasinski’s “Good Some News” shows or Oprah’s recent live broadcasts work. All of them AppleTV programs.

According to Apple’s  Covid19 commercial: “We have always deeply believed in the power of creativity. Now, more than ever, we are inspired by people from all corners of the world who find new ways to share their creativity, ingenuity, humanity and hope.”

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