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Argos Christmas commercial is an explosion of optimism

Anuncio de Navidad de Argos

The Argos Christmas commercial is an invitation to optimism during the holidays.

Christmas advertising campaigns are usually emotional, magical and spectacular. But there are times when it is enough to go down to earth and offer us a few doses of reality. Of course, this is the example of Sainsbury’s Christmas advertisement in 2017 “Every Bit of Christmas” or 2020 with “Gravy Song”.

A similar line is followed by the Argos Christmas commercial that, after experiencing a very atypical Christmas last year, proposes us to celebrate it in the best possible way. And it does so with an advertising campaign that is a tribute to joy and optimism.

“Baubles to last year, Christmas is on” is the title of the Argos Christmas commercial. Created by the agency The & Partnership and the Realité team of directors, the ad shows us several moments of people celebrating Christmas in a big way. It reflects a variety of colorful characters and situations, from the neighbor who is always the first to decorate his house, the typical companion who comes with Christmas sweaters every day or the child who selects his toys in the Christmas catalog.

According to Radha Davies, the company’s Director of Brand Communications and Creativity: “For nearly 50 years, Argos has been helping the nation prepare for Christmas. Whether it’s browsing the gift catalog or browsing the website, Argos continues to be a source of inspiration for shoppers. This year, more than ever, we want to help our customers have the best Christmas yet, with gifts that their family and friends will love. “

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