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The Audi and Rihanna commercial, or how to take advantage of your new album.

Anuncio de Audi y Rihanna | Werbung 2022

Audi and Rihanna have taken advantage of social networks to comment on the artist’s new album.

Audi’s advertising campaigns are trending. The new line of communication from the German manufacturer combines electrical technology with new emerging figures. The protagonists of its advertisements represent in a very reliable way the values that Audi wants to implement in view of the future.

The commercial the Audi RS e-Tron with Janelle Monáe and the Audi Q4 advert with Regé-Jean Page epitomize Audi’s vision for the future and new mission. “Here’s to the future” is the brand’s latest statement of intent for 2022: “With 2022 on the horizon, we just want to say: get ready, we’re just getting started.”

The management of profiles on social networks enters into this new line of communication. A clear example is the possible collaboration between Rihanna and Audi that has been circulating on the networks, turning the artist and the German manufacturer into a trend. If we look at the latest advertising campaigns, a collaboration between Rihanna and Audi would not be entirely unreasonable. The brand would go one step further in its communicative line with a top-level protagonist who adapts to Audi’s style.

But it is not the case, since it is a play by Audi’s network profile and the presentation of Rihanna’s new album. The North American artist has published on Twitter a photo of the recording studio with a very familiar title: #R8. The brand has not hesitated to answer, taking advantage of the nomenclature of Rihanna’s new album with the Audi electric model.

“Audi Werbung Rihanna” has quickly gone viral as the name of Rihanna’s new album. A confusion since “Werbung” means “Commercial” in German. And no, the Audi advert with Rihanna is not real, just an ingenious response from the Twitter profile to the American artist. A response that has generated a trend and the positive association between a brand and an artist… without paying anything in return.

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