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Axe commercial encourages us to be more natural if we want to meet someone.

Axe advertising campaigns have always been marked by the same pattern. Directed to the male audience, many of their campaigns have had a male chauvinist accent. The consequences of the “Axe Effect” have left the mark out just when barriers are being demolished and brands are getting on the train.

Axe commercial is a criticism of his previous campaigns to start building a brand image more in line with current times. Thus, it encourages us to be more natural if we want to know someone.

According to Rik Strubel, global vice president of Axe: “The insight comes from an attraction study on a global level. Participants said that men try too hard to be attractive or fun. This does not work well when generating a connection with another person. We want to help build trust in young people, with the humor and brazenness that is so singularly Ax”.

And is that Axe commercial laughs at the absurd ways a man has when he tries to establish a relationship with a girl. It encourages us to become our most “chill” version and save testosterone for other occasions. Thus, Axe promotes its latest line of products with Axe Ice Chill, whose technology is able to reduce the temperature of the skin 6 degrees.

Although the campaign is clearly focused on the male sector and on the idea that men must conquer girls, we believe that it is a good starting point to change the image and perception of Axe.

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