Barilla’s “Passive Cooking”: Cook pasta sustainably

Publicis Italia/LePub has been in charge of the Barilla campaign

Barilla Passive Cooking

The Barilla pasta brand has launched a device that will help you save energy when cooking pasta.

The Barilla pasta brand has been carrying out original advertising campaigns for some time. Actions such as Spotify playlists to cook pasta at the exact time have been acclaimed by consumers. Now, at a time when you have to be responsible and sustainable, they have presented a device for you to save energy while you cook pasta.

The Barilla campaign has been produced by the Publicis Italia/LePub agency in collaboration with the Italian art collective Toliletpaper. The idea? introduce the “Passive Cooking” concept with a device that will help you cook pasta in a more sustainable way.

Pasta has traditionally been prepared in the same way: leave the pasta in boiling water for 10 minutes and that’s it. Now, it is intended that, when the water has been boiling for two minutes, turn it off and leave the pasta in the pot with the lid on for a while. This time will be marked by the device that Barilla has launched on the market and that is placed on the lid of the pot. It will notify us via mobile application when we can remove the pasta and serve it.

The culinary contribution does not seem like much, but if we take into account that 438 million pasta servings are prepared in the world every day, perhaps the savings are considerable.

According to Bruno Bertelli, Global Creative Director of Publicis: “We have developed an open source technology that can help everyone reduce their environmental impact. This shows that technology can be a significant tool to improve everyday habits and make a difference. The laid-back aesthetic created by Toiletpaper gives the campaign a fun yet thoughtful approach that fits very well with Barilla’s point of view on the campaign.”

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