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“Bellas (P)artes” Dove’s campaign reinterprets great works

Freeda Media and Havas Play have carried out the demanding campaign

“Bellas (P)artes” campaña de Dove

Dove’s campaign reinterprets great pictorial works with real women’s bodies.

Dove is undoubtedly the brand that has been trying the longest and best to make real beauty representative in all media. Whether in the world of advertising, media or gaming, the brand has always gone one step further when it comes to denouncing the conduct of all sectors regarding women’s bodies.

Now he continues his crusade with a campaign with a branded content campaign carried out in Spain. A campaign that aims to reinterpret great pictorial works to vindicate the use of real beauty in brands.

“Bellas (P)artes” from Dove

@freeda_es En nuestro perfil siempre serán bienvenidos todos los tipos de cuerpos. Por eso, de la mano de #Dove, hemos querido darles el lugar que se merecen en ‘Bellas (P)artes’, donde junto a Anastasia Bengoechea @monstruoespagueti, Ana Pizarro y Sofía Remi reinterpretamos algunos de los cuadros más conocidos del mundo, esta vez con cuerpos diversos. ¡Quédate hasta el final del vídeo para ver nuestras obras de arte! #LetsChangeBeauty #SelfEsteem #BodyConfidence #bodypositive #skincare ♬ suono originale – Freeda

“Bellas (P)artes” is the title of the Dove campaign carried out with the Havas Play agency and Freeda, the media specialized in information for women. The idea is to recreate three very recognizable paintings for having a normative female figure in them and offer a more real and inclusive vision of bodies.

The Dove campaign has featured the participation of the model Sofía Remi who has starred in “The Birth of Venus”; the illustrator Anastasia Bengoechea who has recreated “La Maja Naked” and the artist Ana Pizarro, protagonist of “The Venus of the Mirror.”

According to the brand, in a statement: “The protagonists tell their experience regarding self-esteem, their bodies and their armpits. Content that, through empathy and exemplification of each story, highlights the purpose of the brand. And it is that , perfect armpits, just as perfect bodies do not exist. Whether they are hairy, white, dark or with scars, they are all beautiful because they are part of the same one.”

For her part, Malena Cantero, Project Manager Leader of Freeda Media comments: “At Freeda we have been working on content focused on body diversity, self-esteem and personal acceptance for years; always looking for a representation of real bodies with which new generations can feel These values, essential today, are what we capture in campaigns like Dove’s, where showing diversity through the armpits has allowed us to approach the issue from a new perspective.”


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