AdvertisingBest Commercials of 2022

The Best 2022 Commercials Until Now

We analyze the best commercials of 2022 so far

Best 2022 Commercials So Far

We take a look at the best adverts of 2022 and the best ad campaigns of the year so far.

Arriving at the equator of 2022, it is time to look back and take stock of what the year has brought us in terms of advertising. Everyone agrees that this 2022 is the year in which everything will return to normal, and that shows in the advertising campaigns carried out. At Eslogan Magazine we have prepared a selection of the best advertising campaigns of 2022, just like we did with the best adverts of 2021.

We leave you with a selection with which -in our opinion- the best adverts of 2022 until now. As usual, at the end of the year we will discuss the ten best ads of the year, but now it’s time to remember these advertising campaigns launched in 2022. We leave you with the best adverts of 2022.

We leave you with a selection without order of the best ads that have come out to date. You know that at the end of the year we debated and left our list with the ten best adverts of the year, but now it’s time to remember those advertising campaigns that have been launched this 2021. We leave you with the best adverts of 2021.

Top ten adverts of 2022

Dove – Toxic Influence

“Toxic Influence” is the title of the Dove advert. It has been created by Ogilvy and follows in the footsteps of previous campaigns such as “Reverse Selfie”, “Show Us” or “Legacy”. The campaign is part of “The Dove Self-Esteem Project” program that was launched in 2004 to help new generations be positive about their appearance.

Dove’s advert uses DeepFake to put the advice given by influencers into the mouths of mothers. Thus, a selection of mothers and daughters discover the message that Dove launches, reflecting the dangers and misleading messages that are said on social networks.

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Allianz – Strongest Woman

“The World’s Strongest Women” is the title of Allianz’s advert against gender violence. Created by the agency In the Company of Huskies, it focuses on four women who show real strength in the face of domestic abuse.

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Arsenal – No More Red

“No More Red” is Arsenal’s campaign title that will remove the red from its shirt. The cause? 30 teenagers murdered in London. The highest number of juvenile homicides in the last 18 years; 27 of them stabbed with a knife.

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Nike – Seen it all

“Seen It All” is the title of Nike’s advert to commemorate its 50th anniversary. It has been directed by Spike Lee to highlight the role of the brand in promoting new generations of athletes.

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IGA – The Athlete

The IGA ad is titled “The Athlete” and was created by the Sid Lee agency. It is a campaign for the Olympic Games in which the Canadian supermarket chain carried out different actions.

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Dove – As Early as Five

Dove’s advert is titled “A Early As Five” and is inspired by too many true stories. The campaign portrays three common scenarios for discrimination: in elementary school, in high school, and in job interviews. All scenarios are inspired by real life.

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Kia – Robo Dog

“Robo Dog” is the title of Kia’s advert for the Super Bowl. To the rhythm of “Total Eclipse of the Heart” by Bonnie Tyler, the pup dodges pedestrians and vehicles to reach the car. All this persecution begins to deplete the battery of the puppy that in a last attempt, gets the reward from him.

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BMW – Zeus & Hera

“Zeus & Hera” is the title of BMW’s Super Bowl ad. One of the big announcements of the event, it is carried out by the great stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and Salma Hayek interpreting the Greek gods of Olympus in their golden retreat.

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Adidas – Sports Bra

The Adidas advert on Instagram generated controversy and the Adidas campaign was banned in the UK. It is clear that the brand wanted to incite controversy with an image that was censored by the social network itself and its policies against nudity. The Adidas ad and the breasts were just the beginning of a longer campaign called #SupportIsEverything.

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Pinball Clemons Foundation – Pinball Machine

The Pinball Clemons Foundation advert, titled “Pinball Table,” uses the famous arcade game that rocked it in the 1980s and 1990s. The metaphor is so well executed that it deserves a special distinction from us.

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Renault – Renault Captur E-Tech

Renault’s advert to announce its Captur E-Tech hybrid model has been created by the Publicis Conseil France agency and presents the virtues of the new model from an environmental point of view. The spot tells us three stories in which the car is not the protagonist, but encourages us not to use it every time.

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Easy Jet – Next Gen

“Next Gen” is the title of the Easy Jet advert. It was made by the VCC London agency and directed by Nick Ball. In it, the company wanted to capture that magical feeling that we all have when we go on vacation. And it does it in a fresh and fun way, with tourists taking off and flying -literally- through the skies to end up landing in their ideal vacation spot.

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Puma – She Moves Us

Puma’s “She Moves Us” ad features singer and star Dua Lipa as a brand ambassador. Moving horizontally, the smooth transitions take us through multiple moments in the lives of athletes and models. Thus, we see the athlete Skylar Diggins-Smith, the golfer Lexi Thompson, the soccer player Nikita Parris, the high jumper Yaroslava Mahuchikh or the model (and activist) Cara Delevingne.

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NBA Lane – Playoffs on NBA Lane

“Playoffs on NBA Lane” is the title of the NBA advert for the start of the 75th playoffs in history. It follows the line of the previous campaign, NBA Lane and shows us the HoopBus following an illustrious group of fans and NBA legends who come to the stadiums.

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Oreo – The Note

“The Note” is the title of the Oreo advert in support of the LGTBIQ+ community. The work of the 360i agency and directed by director Alice Wu, the campaign has been carried out in collaboration with PFLAG, the association of parents and relatives of homosexual, transsexual and bisexual people in the United States.

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Ikea – Unwind your wind

“Let’s play unwind your mind” is the title of the Ikea ad made by the Mother agency, produced by Iconoclast and directed by the Brazilians Gustavo Moraes and Marco Lafer. In it we see how a mother is getting overwhelmed while she teleworks at home. It is raining outside, her daughter is drawing and a multitude of calls and messages appear on the screen.

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France Parkinson – Parker

“Parker” is the title of France Parkinson’s advert in association with TBWA Paris and produced by Badass Films and directed by Julián Zuazo. The idea is to recreate the daily problems caused by Parkinson’s through dance and dancing. Thus, the fluid movements of the dance recreate the problems of the protagonist to carry out basic actions in her house.

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Tena – Menopause

#LastLonelyMenopause is the title of the Tena Women advert made by the AMW BBDO agency. This campaign won the famous Channel 4 Diversity Award, which consists of £1 million in commercial airtime.

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BQ – Flip

“Flip” is the title of the B&Q advert. The objective? Explain how your life can be turned upside down (literally) in a matter of minutes. And it is that everything begins with a pregnancy test, a news that turns people’s lives at the moment. The excitement he feels turns into movement when he sees all the changes he needs to make in his life, and in his home.

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Just Eat & Katy Perry

“Did somebody say” is the title of the advert by Just Eat and Katy Perry. It has been made by the London McCann agency and directed by Dave Meyers, who has already made several video clips with the singer such as “Swish Swhis” or “Firework”. The campaign wants to continue the communicative line created by the brand.

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Volkswagen – ID Buzz

“Start With a Smile” is the title of Volkswagen’s advert to promote the Obi-Wan series. It has been made jointly with LucasFilm and its subsidiary Industry Light & Magic, in charge of the special effects of the space saga. Volkswagen’s announcement places us on the set where the Obi Wan Kenobi series is filmed. Suddenly C3PO and R2D2 appear arguing about R2D2’s new “friend”, the German brand’s ID Buzz molding.

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