Top5: The best Coca-Cola commercials of all time

We reviewed the five best Coca-Cola commercials throughout its history.

John Pemberton couldn’t think when he devised a medicinal drink in 1886 that would become the most consumed soft drink in the world. And even less than after placing a first ad in the Atlanta Journal would become an example to follow by the big brands throughout history.

“Delicious! Refreshing! Stimulating! Invigorating!”. Was the first Coca-Cola advertising ad in the newspaper, with no text or images, only the company’s motto at that time, and in 1889 they began hiring artists to design their advertisements.

Today we are going to try an (impossible) exercise to review the five best Coca-Cola commercials. A totally subjective list that we encourage you to complete with your contributions in the comments. Without further delay, we will see the five best Coca-Cola commercials.

5. Always Coca-Cola

The 90 seen in perspective did a lot of damage. But he left us great things, like the premiere of the song of Coca-Cola in 1993. Of aesthetics very nineteens, the announcement that was released showed us the lyrics of the song so that we could sing it and stay engraved in our brains forever.

4. Christmas Trucks

The relationship of Coca-Cola with Christmas is well known. After some announcements quite a lot, he launched this “Christmas Trucks” in 1996. Hundreds of trucks delivering joy all over the world. Since then – and although other brands have outdone it in creativity – every Christmas a Coca-Cola ad is expected.

3. Happiness Machine

It is not a normal ad, but Happiness Machine’s viral campaign deserves to be at number three for many reasons. But basically it was the first viral campaign of Coca-Cola that reached almost everyone through the internet. Later versions have been made, but none like the first.

2. Reasons to believe in a better world.

In 2011, the crisis devastated practically everyone. Many families were left without work and without hope, and the companies closed one after the other. To bring a little optimism, Coca-Cola launched this “Reasons to believe in a better world” and tried to encourage the population with hopeful messages. With a successful version of “Whatever” by Oasis and positive messages, the announcement of Coca-Cola fell deep in the world population.

1. For all, Coca-Cola.

The honor of being the best Coca-Cola commercial is  “Para Todos”, a brilliant advertisement for its simplicity and forcefulness in a brutal “Copy” exercise based on the shapes of the Coca-Cola bottle. The ad was shown in 80 countries and translated into 20 languages and is considered to be Coca-Cola’s best advert.

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