TOP5: Best Advertising Campaigns for the Champions League

The Best Advertising Campaigns for the Champions League

Football and advertising: The Best Advertising Campaigns for the Champions League.

Every time a great event happens, brands make the best of themselves to communicate their product. It is a good place for creative people to develop their ideas. Leisure, fun, sport, friends, family, emotion and passion are some of the elements that allow you to make a original and fun advertising campaign.

Due to sponsorship contracts, there are few brands that can access advertising for the Champions League. We currently have Heineken, Master Card and Playstation as official sponsors of the event as well as televisions that broadcast football matches

Our today’s TOP5 we’ll see the best advertising campaigns for the Champions League. That’s our selection, we’ll love to hear yours.

Viral Campaign from Heineken for the Champions League

In 2009 Heineken made a campaign for the Champions League that was popularized thanks to the sports and news programs. That campaign was the first of all viral campaigns. One that later all companies would perform actions to be seen around the world.

The cheating was that brides, teachers and bosses, propose to their partners, students and employees to go to a concert of classical music the same day of the game, forcing them to miss the important match in the Champions League. They did not know that the moment of the joke was emitted live by Sky Sports.

Mediaset TV commercial: Ghost

In 2015 Mediaset carried out an advertising campaign to promote the broadcast of matches on its platform. In it we see a version of the popular scene of Ghost that carried out Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze but with a small difference in the final result. The TV Commercial become viral in the Social Networks.

Heinken: The Dilemma

For the 2016 edition, Heineken set Simone a trap, a Roma fan who always sees football with his friends, but who has to decide between watching a match in the VIP area in the stadium leaving his friends or not. Once inside the stadium, the friends appear on the electronic scoreboard urging Simeone to catch a helicopter to be with them.

MasterCard: Gianluigi Buffon

Master Card made in 2016 an advertising action called “Priceless – Surprises” in which a Buffon fan who wanted to tattoo the goalkeeper’s face on his leg received a surprise from the goalkeeper in the tattoo studio.

Heineken: El Candidato

For the search of workers in “Events and Sponsors” area, Heineken interviewed a large number of people, who had a challenge based on 3 types of scenarios and thus test them and find the interviewee to meet the expectations of the case .

When it got the winner, Jasper, was taken to the Champions League match Juventus Vs. Chelsea with the excuse that the interview still continued and that it had to realize a last work, to help flutter a flag in the middle of the field, not knowing that it was just a pretext to present it before the whole stadium as a new member of the Heineken team.

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