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The best Coca-Cola commercials of the decade (2010-2020)

The Best Coca-Cola Commercials of the decade

We list the best Coca-Cola commercials of the decade, from 2010 to today.

At the telling advertising agency we love Coca-Cola advertising campaigns. Without a doubt, the brand of brands when we talk about advertising and marketing campaigns.

The American multinational has been advertising since 1886 since it placed its first advertisement in the Atlanta Journal. Since then, it has not stopped innovating and surprising with its advertising.

In its day, let’s list the best Coca-Cola commercials in its history. A list that we recommend you read here, and in which we find jewels such as the Christmas ads or the mythical “For all”, which became the best Coca-Cola ad in history.

Ok, now we are going to list the best Coca-Cola commercials, which have aired from 2010 to the present. Authentic jewels that deserve to be among the best spots of the brand.

5. The Happiness Machine – 2013

In the early years of the decade, Coca-Cola ran numerous advertising campaigns based on its dispensing machines. The first “Happiness Machine” sneaked in as the brand’s third best ad in our special. They gradually perfected the formula until this campaign “The Happiness Cashier” which was launched in 2013. Consumers were awarded 100€ with one condition, that they spend that money on making other people happy. An emotional and fun hidden camera campaign.

4. Rules – 2018

Coca-Cola has always highlighted its product as an indispensable piece when it comes to getting together with other people, whether it is sharing a meal, good times or having fun together. The happiness it proclaims is clearly reflected in “Rules”, launched in 2018. The campaign invites us to follow the rules that our house dictates to spend some special moments with our family.

3. Diverse families – 2015

Before “Rules”, the brand launched a campaign launched in 2015 inspired by new types of family. “Diverse Families” is a commercial with a very current vision of society where different types of family have a place. And each one is different and neither is better than the other.

2. Happiness begins with a smile – 2015

In 2015 Coca-Cola surprised everyone with a campaign that went around the world. The simplicity of its proposal and its appeal took on a life of its own to become the second-best Coca-Cola ad this decade. Under the title of “Happiness begins with a smile” we see a person laughing alone in the subway watching a video. From so much time he has spent laughing, the laughter spreads to the rest of the wagon. An objective that far exceeded her proposal, because it brought a smile to practically everyone who received this spot.

1. For The Human Race – 2020

2020 will be remembered without any doubt for the irruption of Covid19. A pandemic that forced everyone to lock themselves up at home and completely paralyzed society. Faced with this unprecedented crisis, Coca-Cola sent a message of hope to humanity. These are times when brands act as emotional support for all people, and Coca-Cola was able to hit the nail on the head with its message. A hopeful ad along the lines of “Reasons to believe in a better world” and crowned as the best current Coca-Cola commercial and one of the best of 2020.


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