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The best commercials for women’s football

Best Commercials of Womens Football

We analyze which are the best commercials for women’s football

Women’s football is in a sweet moment. After a long time, women who practice the king sport are beginning to be recognized all over the world. They are still far from their masculine counterparts as far as repercussion is concerned, but the trend is pushing them upwards.

Proof of this is the involvement of major brands in their advertising campaigns. The sponsors proudly wear their equipment and the investments destined to women’s soccer are being fired every year. The example of Nike’s emergence as a standard-bearer of the cause, followed by the other brands.

This trend is having a turning point with the Women’s World Cup that will be held in France. All the tickets sold, juicy amounts in retransmission rights and the big brands making an appearance. It’s marketing, friends.

That’s why today we are going to analyze the best commercials for women’s football. There are still few, but they are of a tremendous quality.

5. ING – “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us”

ING’s commercial for the Dutch women’s football team starts our list. With the fantastic song “Woman” by Wolfmother in the background, we see a succession of images of the Dutch concentration that transmit effort, good vibes and companionship.

4. Icelandair – “Unstoppable For Iceland”

The Icelandair commercial was issued for the Euro 2016 in the Netherlands. A tremendous motivational spot to overcome adversity, confidence, perseverance and effort. All this surrounded by an inspiring aura that shows all the support that women’s soccer has in Iceland.

3. Nike – “American Woman”

The Nike commercial “American Woman” was made in a distant 2015 when even women’s football was starting to take off. A spot that was a real boost in the American country, one of the world powers in women’s football.

2. Commerzbank AG – “Their game. Their beat.”

The commercial of German bank Commerzbank AG is a breakthrough announcement to encourage the German national team in the next World Cup. A groundbreaking, original and vindictive advertisement. His career is unblemished: Twice world champions, three final plays and 8 Euro Cups to his credit. In spite of that, few people know them.

1. Nike – “Dream Further”

And we reached the top 1 of the best commercial for women’s football. The Nike commercial, entitled “Dream Further” has been the final push that advertising needed. A commercial that has been around the world, a commercial that everyone talks about. A Nike ad to prove that women’s football is much better than men’s.


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