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TOP5: Best emotional advertising seen on TV

Best emotional advertising

The emotions are a powerful selling tool. We take a look at 5 best emotional advertising seen on TV.

When making an advertising campaign, appealing to emotions usually gives a great result to get the consumer empathize with the brand, product or service that wants to offer us.

When we are told a story involves emotion, our brain is activated in multiple parts showing a more intense activity. The studies corroborate that we usually forget the mere data but remember the stories that have moved us. Emotional advertising is one of the pillars in which you define the meaning of Storytelling to generate empathy for the consumer.

Like motivational advertising campaigns, if done correctly has a double effect, the consumers are identified with history and therefore linked to the brand thanks to the activation of mirror neurons in the individual as part of neuromarketing.

Let’s take a look to the 5 best emotional advertising seen on TV.

Coming home for Christmas

Rarely has so much emotion been concentrated in such a short time. A mythical spot of Spanish advertising, copied, versioned and evolved to satiety but with the same final message: the family who returns home for Christmas. A classic.

Ikea – The other cart

The best advertising campaigns of Ikea usually have ads of all kinds: funny, practical, original and … emotive. With ‘The other letter’ the question that the Swedish company is asked is: why do we strive to always give the little ones what they do not want? And is that the letters written by the children to their parents were quite different from the one written to the wise men.

Lotería 2014 advertising

An instant classic and undoubtedly is the most remembered announcement of the Christmas Lottery in recent years. Antonio, Manu and a bar celebrating El Gordo. The rest is already known by all. A true friendship story.

True Corporation Advertising

We now move away from the holiday season to travel to Thailand. And it is that the emotional announcement of True Corporation initiated a series of emotive spots Thai that arrive at half the world thanks to the virality. The cause of success is in a spot on the value of human solidarity, which has come back even many years later.

Emotional advertising from Coca-Cola

Coca-cola specializes in carrying out emotional advertising campaigns. In this case we know the story of Josep, an old man of 102 years who gives wise advice about life to Aitana, a baby who is three days away from being born.

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