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Best of 2018 in Youtube #YouTubeRewind

#YouTubeRewind, The best of 2018 on YouTube is close to becoming the video with more dislikes of the platform.

A summary of 2018. What can go wrong? If only it is to recover the most relevant events of the year and make an attractive mashup. Well, the #YouTubeRewind video with the best of 2018 on YouTube is about to become the video with more dislikes of the platform.

YouTube wasn’t expected this negative publicity but it is true that they have chosen a somewhat peculiar format. And is that the #YouTubeRewind has always been characterized by using all the highlights of the year to make a video parodying these elements.A video that at first could be funny but after 8 years, the formula has been outdated.

Will Smith, Marques Brownlee, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, John Oliver and many others appear in a kind of parody of Fortnite, the popular game that this year has blow up internet. Since its introduction, the video has accumulated more than 95 million visits, has collected 2 million “Likes” and 7.1 million “Dislikes”. A formula that Youtube should change in the future.

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