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TOP5: Sony best commercials of history

Best Sony Commercials of History

We analyzed the best ads throughout the Sony’s history

To talk about Sony is to talk about history. In 1946 Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita decided to set up a company to create and repair electronic equipment. From there was born the Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corporation, aka Totsuko.

They continued to operate until 1958 when they began to use the Sony brand, a word fruit of the combination of several concepts: From the Latin “sonus” and “sonny boy” of the popular expression that describes a free and avant-garde person in Japan. Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita began to expand their knowledge to create new markets.

Step by step they created a brand that reflected the vanguard of the Japanese country and became a reference company. It is known that Steve Jobs took Sony as a role model for Apple. Its minimalist aesthetics, sober design and corporate responsibility are elements that we can recognize in the Apple of this days.

The Walkman, Discman, Handycam, Playstation or the Triniton TV are some of the most memorable products created by the Tokyo company. And like big products, they needed big advertising campaigns. Today we are going to analyze the five best ads from Sony throughout the history.

5. Double life

When in 1994 Sony launched the PlayStation they wanted to present consumers with a new form of entertainment. PlayStation was more than a toy, it was the machine that was going to change the mentality of society regarding videogames. Thus, they launched an aggressive marketing campaign that considered the player an adult person, not a child. With “Double Life” commercial they represented the middle age video game fan who works during the day and transformed at night to live countless adventures. An commercial that captivated the community and bothered those sectors reluctant to video games.

4. Mountain

After bursting the console market with more than 100 million machines sold, PlayStation became the apple of Sony’s eyes. With their new model, the PlayStation 2 decided to continue with the same aggressive advertising campaign that had worked so well before.

They launched a series of ads under the slogan “Fun, anyone?” being “Mountain” the one that more impact caused. Through a combination of video, special effects and vintage music by Shirley Temple, the ad was considered one of the best of its year. More than 500 extras and 300 people were used in production. The scene served as inspiration for video clips and movies, such as World War Z.

3. For the Players Since 1995

The commercial to celebrate the presentation to the world of PlayStation 4 was an exercise in nostalgia and self-homage of the brand. “For the Players Since 1995” recalls in a brilliant way the stages of PS1, PS2 and PS3 and the impact of these on the day to day of millions of young people.

All the action happens in a London apartment and through a wonderful sequence shot. In it a group of friends turn on a Playstation for the first time and we see how everything is changing: the aesthetics, the decoration, the tastes, the friends and even the skyline of the city.

The commercial was created from the memories that the users of the brand shared on social networks. A nostalgic tribute to the lifelong fans of the brand.

2. Sony Walkman Commercial

One of the most iconic products of Sony should have an ad to match. The campaign to announce the release of the Walkman in 1983 was just as bright as the flagship product of the time. The commercial to announce the Walkman had a lot of Apple … before Apple defined its communication strategy.

A simple, clear and effective commercial where we see the process of creating the Walkman from a cassette tape. The distribution of the chips, the mechanism and the housing to present a legendary product.

1. Sony Balls

And we reached the n.1 of the best ads from Sony. The Bouncy Balls commercial was launched in 2005 with the idea of selling the new Sony Bravia television that had a novel LCD screen. In our analysis of Balls commercial from Sony, we see how the entire campaign is cooked to get more than 250,000 colored bouncy balls through the streets of San Francisco.

The Balls commercial of Sony was a resounding success. That year he won the Grand Prix of Cannes and was considered the best commercial of the first decade of the S.XXI. Then a series of continuations were launched, but they did not have the impact of Balls. We leave you with the announcement in HD.

And here is the review of the list of the best ads from Sony. We wanted to focus on all the divisions of the company to form our top5 and even so, three PlayStation ads have been cast. A sign that the Japanese brand has allocated the greatest creative resources of the last 20 years to promote its most successful console.

If you have been left wanting more, in his day we collected the best 20 PlayStation ads. If you think other ads should appear, we discuss it in comments or on social networks;).



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