Beyond Meat and Kim Kardashian advert: “Chief Taste Consultant”

The popular influencer will act as ambassador of the brand

Anuncio de Beyond Meat con Kim Kardashian

Beyond Meat and Kim Kardashian places the popular influencer as chief flavor consultant.

If there is a public figure who has managed to combine the facet of entertainment, influencer and businesswoman, that is, without a doubt, Kim Kardashian. The television star is able to move trends with his presence and the latest move is to collaborate with the Beyond Meat brand, the brand that produces meat substitute foods.

And it is that ecological awareness is reaching all levels. And a push from one of the pop icons of recent years as an agent of change to consume less meat and help the planet never hurts.

The Beyond Meat and Kim Kardashian advert

“Chief Taste Consultant” is the title of the Beyond Meat advert with Kim Kardashian. A collaboration that is not accidental, since the star is a consumer of the brand’s products and has agreed to be the ambassador in her new advertising campaign.

The campaign has a simple staging, with Kim Kardashian as the clear protagonist trying the brand’s dishes. The mere presence of her and her speech about the products that she is consuming is enough to water the popularity of the brand and the products that she sells. The campaign will also have newsletters and information bulletins where the celebrity will share her favorite products, as well as recipes and other informative content.

According to Kim Kardashian: “I’ve been focusing on being more ‘plant-based’ and I can tell you that Beyond Meat is my absolute favourite: I love how all of their products not only taste amazing, but are also good for me and my family.” I am so excited to be featured in the campaign as their top taste consultant to inspire people to include Beyond Meat in their diets.”

From Beyond Meat they have pointed out: “With her level of influence, Kim is very selective with the brands she associates with, but she chose to work with Beyond Meat as a long-time fan of the brand’s products and mission.”

Beyond Meat’s advert with Kim Kardashian is yet another in a list of celebrities who have collaborated with the brand. Among them the actors Kevin Hart and Shay Mitchell, the rapper Snoop Dogg and the television presenter Liza Koshy.

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