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Volkswagen’s original action at dealerships: “Blind Spot”

Ogilvy South Africa has been in charge of the advertising campaign

Volkswagen | Blind Spot

“Blind Spot” is the action that Volkswagen has carried out in dealerships to raise awareness about the blind spot in cars.

South Africa is one of the countries with the highest rate of traffic accidents and fatalities in the world. The data is chilling: 40 people lose their lives every day due to traffic accidents and throughout the year, the count rises to 14,000. Some numbers that highlight the urgency of taking greater security measures and raising awareness in South Africa.

This is what Volkswagen has done with its latest advertising action carried out in dealerships. An alteration of the space to draw attention to drivers and the importance of the “blind spot”.

Volkswagen – Blind Spot

“Blind Spot” is the title of the Volkswagen action carried out by Ogilvy South Africa. He wants to raise awareness about the use of the “blind spot”, that point at which drivers lose side vision in their mirrors. To remedy this, Volkswagen is introducing its IQ Drive technology, a blind-spot monitor designed to detect hazards that may be less visible to the driver.

To raise awareness among South African drivers, they carried out publicity actions at dealerships entitled “Blind Spot”. They placed some large “blind spots” that at first glance appear to be large round black ones, but if you look at them from the side they reveal the hidden sculpture. These sculptures were created with the darkest paint, which absorbs 99% of visible light.

According to Alex Goldberg, Ogilvy’s Creative Director: “Dealerships are often packed with cars and we needed to get the public’s attention. We worked with specialist product designers to develop scale replicas of the most at risk on the road: delivery drivers. of food and cyclists. These were then primed and treated with Black 3.0, a paint so black that it removes definition, which turns 3D objects into 2D surfaces, essentially rendering objects ‘invisible’ when placed against a background.”

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