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The beautiful BMW commercial with Lil Miquela

The agency Media.Monks has been in charge of the advertising campaign

Anuncio de BMW con Lil Miquela

The BMW commercial is a beautiful story starring the virtual influencer Lil Miquela.

The electrification of automobile brands allows them to explore new means of communication. Audi’s advertising campaigns, for example, have been linked to new emerging stars such as Janelle Monáe or Regé-Jean Page.

For its part, BMW has moved in that direction and, under its “Forwardism” concept, is creating a whole new imaginary in search of a different audience with which to connect. Now, to present its new BMW iX2 model, it has had the virtual influencer Lil Miquela.

BMW commercial with Lil Miquela

“The first-ever BMW iX2 × lil Miquela” is the title of the BMW commercial created by the agency Media.Monks, directed by director Stefanie Soho and produced by BWGTBLD. It features the popular virtual influencer Lil Miquela, with almost three million followers on social media.

The German brand takes advantage of Lil Miquela’s virtual concept to explore the real world as if it were the first time aboard a BMW. The BMW ad captures the essence in dazzling images and shows how the influencer gradually falls in love with human existence.

According to Stefan Ponikva, Vice President of Communication and Brand Experience at BMW: “People have been creating emotions and personal memories with BMW for more than 100 years. Digitalization and electrification are making their way and not only in the product itself but also in marketing. These advances are very relevant and in the future automobiles will continue to move people in the real world and also in universes of a virtual nature. The new BMW iX2 campaign is precisely born from the fusion between one reality and another, which “was born with the aim of tickling the soul of the viewer.”

For his part, Patrick Klebba, executive creative director of Media.Monks: “After the rise of artificial intelligence, BMW’s new spot decides to look at real life. And Lil Miquela only reminds us of what we have and what beautiful it is. With the ad we want people to realize how lucky they are. That is the feeling we want to inspire in the viewer.”

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