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“Steps” is Bradesco’s commercial after their sensational “Decades”

Anuncio de Bradesco | Steps

Bradesco’s commercial surprises again after offering us one of the announcements of the year.

During the pandemic, brands launched many global campaigns. All of them were very similar due to the confinement restrictions but a few managed to stand out. Cases like the Bankinter ad, or the tremendous split-screen Nike ad. One of the few campaigns that went outside the norm was also “Decades” by Bradesco.

The ad created by BBDDO put the focus on the new heroes for children. Now, the Brazilian private bank is putting itself in the hands of Leo Burnett for his new advertising campaign.

“Steps” is the Bradesco commercial that has the steps we take as the main protagonist. At each stage of life the person follows the path that has been traced for him. Guiding him from a very young age learning to walk from a young age and following through all the moments of life. When discovering a new sport, to swim, go on a trip and discover. But there comes a time when the adult must walk alone and mark his own path.

“This campaign targets audiences of different age groups, demonstrating that they can trust the bank to receive all the support and advice they need at any stage of their lives” according to Vinicius Stanzione, creative director of Leo Burnett Tailor Made. “The idea is to portray the building of relationships over time, not just with [the bank’s] current clients, but with their future generations.”

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