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An original action of Branded Content from Laive Cheese

An original action of Branded Content delivers parmesan cheese for free at your home.

It’s wellknown that Italian food is one of the most preferred in the whole world. Italians have been able to export their culture through culinary art: Pizzas, pasta and lasagna are some of the most outstanding products, each with its corresponding varieties. And it is almost mandatory to add parmesan cheese to the dishes as it gives a new world of flavors.

That is why we have liked this action of Cheese Laive to make known its product in Lima. According to Christian Caldewll, McCann’s creative:“We realized that many people complained when they asked for Italian food, they got less Parmesan cheese, and we saw a good opportunity to do an original sampling action.”

For this they created “Persecution as Italian”. Through Vespas, three delivery people were located at the exit of important Italian restaurants. Every time a deliveryman left, the Italians followed him dressed in their Italian suits until they reached the client’s house. Shortly after the delivery delivered the food, the boys from Laive Cheese delivered a package of Parmesan cheese.

The action of Branded Content  from Laive Cheese gave them the opportunity to create content for social networks. They were able to generate a positive conversation about the product.

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