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BrewDog’s billboard against the Qatar World Cup

Saatchi & Saatchi has launched this outdoor advertising campaign against the World Cup in Qatar

The controversial BrewDog billboard placed in London criticizes the celebration of the World Cup in Qatar.

This start of the decade is not propitious for big events. First there were the postponed Tokyo Olympics Games that were held against the sentiment of the majority of the population. Now it is the turn of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, an event that is celebrated by altering all the calendars of the football scene.

The World Cup event has always been synonymous with summer and good weather with the big leagues already finished. This time it arrives before Christmas and surrounded by controversy about the conditions in which said date is celebrated. At the moment the brands are separated between those who criticize the appointment but are sponsors and those who are against such an atrocity.

BrewDog’s billboard is running among the latter. The Scottish beer brand criticizes the celebration of the World Cup in Qatar with this outdoor advertising campaign created by the Saatchi & Saatchi London agency.

In it they present themselves as “Proud anti-sponso of the World Cup” or Ironic phrases such as “First Russia, then Qatar. Can’t wait for North Korea.” Or others with a play on words: “Eat, sleep, breathe football” with the word “Breathe” crossed out and replaced by “Bribe”.

The company has commented in a harsh statement: “Football has been dragged through the mud before the first ball has been touched. Qatar got the championship with bribes on an industrial scale. Football is supposed to be for everyone but in Qatar homosexuality is illegal, beatings are an accepted form of punishment and it’s okay for 6,500 people to die building your stadium.”

Faced with the voices that criticize that the BrewDog brand is using the World Cup and the controversy to generate media noise, James Watt, Co-founder of the company, commented: “We want to make available to the public a place to watch the games and do something good at the same time. Let’s be clear, people are going to watch the games anyway, so we want to give them the opportunity to do so while generating funds for positive change.”



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