Bruce Willis as Doraemon Commercial

Bruce Willis como Doraemon

Bruce Willis as Doraemon in this hilarious SoftBank ad.

The Japanese country is, without a doubt, one of the most fascinating countries on the planet. And when it comes to advertising, even more. Trying to decipher the tastes, trends and preferences of the Japanese public is an impossible mission if you have not imbibed Japanese culture for years. That is why every time they mix their reality with the western reality, it shocks us in a brutal way.

This is the case of the commercial starring Bruce Willis that is being a trend on the internet. And is that the popular American actor has gone viral thanks to playing one of the most popular characters in Japan in recent years: Doraemon.

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Bruce Willis as Doraemon is revolutionizing internet. It is an commercial for the Japanese telecommunications company SoftBank with which they present the arrival of the 5G service to the Japanese country.

The hilarious ad shows us how Bruce Willis’s Doraemon breaks into a home as his tenants debate the existence of the popular character. The rapid appearance of the character and his popular flying hat wants to establish a simile with 5G connection speed.

The ad premiered in Japan in March and it has not been until now that it has become a viral phenomenon. Bruce Willis as Doraemon is without a doubt one of the weirdest things about 2020.

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