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The original Brussels awareness action for cyclists riding without lights

The original campaign of awareness of the city of Brussels for cyclists who circulate without light.

We like awareness campaigns aimed at certain groups. They are original, striking and have the collaboration of the authorities to be as effective as possible. Like the “Pink Kittens” campaign made in London or the interactive opis in Paris. 

Today we are going to talk about the original awareness campaign of the city of Brussels to prevent cyclists from circulating if light. And it is that the Belgian city is one of the most adapted to the use of the bicycle, with a green ring of parks and gardens that circles the capital with more than 63 kilometers.

But 1 of every 4 cyclists circulate without light. They think they are visible but not, for the vehicles it is very difficult to distinguish the cyclist and it is very easy for an accident to occur. To raise awareness, Mortierbrigade agency has created an innovative experience, the “Bike Light Lane”.

Campaña de concienciación de Bruselas

A structure that forces cyclists to pass through a tunnel. The system detects those cyclists who circulate without light and activates an interactive animation. In it we see the avatar of the cyclist passing through a series of night scenes with moving events. These events want to represent the dangers faced by those who go light.

At the end, some volunteers distributed games of bicycle lights with the slogan “Be Bright, Use a Light”. Undoubtedly, an original initiative to avoid the abuses to those cyclists without light.

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