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Burger King advertising campaign pays tribute to firemen

Publicidad de Burger King Colombia | Bomberos

Burger King’s advertising campaign honors firefighters with this fantastic spot.

Burger King’s advertising campaigns often have that mocking point towards its greatest rival: McDonalds. On rare occasions, the brand shows creative muscle, but when it does, it delivers memorable campaigns. Thus, we saw how the passage of time affected a Whopper with “Moldy Whopper” or renewed its corporate image.

And this is the case of the latest Burger King advertising campaign in Colombia. A tribute to the greatest experts and those who really understand fire: Firemen.

“Experts in fire and grill” is the title of Burger King’s latest advertising campaign in Colombia. The brand decides to sponsor the firefighters and is committed to entertaining them and their families with special promotions and discounts.

The commercial has been made by Fantástica agency, and shows several firefighters heading to work to put out a fire in a burning house. At the end, they all meet to eat at a Burger King restaurant.

According to Alejo Gómez, Creative VP of Fantástica: “We decided to forget about the famous, the stars of Tik Tok and the soccer players, to use as an image those who really understand fire, since they face it daily: Firefighters. We also look for the man that when he was saved from the fire, he decided to fight it and become a firefighter, to give him a lifetime membership in Burger King. “

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