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Bullying Jr, the Burger King anti-bullying campaign

The Burger King anti-bullying campaign shows us in hidden camera as some of its clients react.

To raise awareness about bullying, Burger King has carried out an awareness campaign on its premises. Through a hidden camera, we have seen how some of his clients reacted.

According to a study conducted by, 30% of students worldwide suffer from bullying. One of the problems is the silence of those people who, still knowing, do nothing.

Antibullying de Burger King

The philosophy of the american brand is to open its doors to all, while bullying is the opposite. That’s why the Burger King anti-bullying campaign wants to act against the passivity of some people. Coinciding with the national prevention month of Bullying, launches this action with hidden camera.

For that the campaign called “Bullying Jr.” is an experiment that was carried out in one of the premises of the chain. A group of teenage actors pretend to bully one of the group’s boys in the restaurant. In turn, one of the employees, also an actor, begins to beat and crush a Whopper Jr before serving him. 95% of customers complained about the state of their hamburger, however, only 12% intervened while the boy was emotionally and physically harassed by his “friends”. The result is shocking.



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