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Burger King burns McDonald’s advertising with this app

Burger King burns McDonald’s advertising with this Augmented Reality campaign.

Burger King and McDonalds continue their advertising war. Well, better said is Burger King who is continually campaigning against McDonald’s. A double-edged strategy, because although it may report visits and repercussions, being continuously watching your rival has its negative points. One that you are giving free publicity, the other is that you base your communication on attacks to the rival and that, in the end, it’s not useless.

That does not mean that consumers benefit from this strategy and advertisers sit down to enjoy their wildest ideas. One of these great ideas has come up in the department of Burger King Brazil: An app with which you can burn the advertising of McDonald’s to take you a free Whooper.

And how have they done it? Through the use of augmented reality. Users only have to focus on any McDonald’s ad, (it does not matter if they are flyers, opis or billboards) and the app will burn that advertising to show you your reward: A free Whooper.

The action was carried out by the advertising agency David from Sao Paulo with the aim that users download the new BK Express app that combines multiple advantages for users.


Via | Marketing Directo


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