The Burger King marketing action brings the food in a traffic jam

The Burger King marketing action in Mexico that brings you food if you are in a traffic jam.

Many times we have criticized Burger King when he focuses his advertising campaigns on attacking McDonald’s. We believe that the brand can find its own voice if it needs to face its rival. That’s why we celebrate when they deviate from that line to propose original and fun advertising campaigns.

This is the case of the last action of Burger King in Mexico. The Mexican capital is one of the most trafficked. Drivers spend 5 hours a day in the car to get to their homes. Aware of this, Burger King has decided to offer the delivery service to all those stuck in traffic.

The action, called “Traffic Jam Whopper” uses real-time traffic data to find traffic jams in Mexico City. Once hot spots are found, digital advertising billboards are used in the area to invite them to order menus through the app.

Thus, customers can order their menu and the company will deliver it to them at the point where they are located. The delivery driver have a geolocation system to track where the drivers are.

And to avoid using the smartphone driving, it is possible to use the voice commands in a quick way to make the order.

Via | Criatura Creativa

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