Burger King’s dogper, a bone for dogs with a grill flavor

Burger King’s dogper is a bone for dogs with a grill flavor thats allows you to eat without being disturbed.

Those who have a dog as a pet, will know how complicated it is to sit down to eat without being bothered asking for food. You will seldom be able to resist if you are embarrassed to share a piece of your menu.

The results of a study conducted by the brand are clear: More than 500 people says that 65% of pets ask for something to eat when you receive food at home, and half of the owners satisfy the animal.

Now, to get Burger King customers to eat their order they have quietly created Dogper, a bone with a grill flavor. This way, the dog will satisfy your curiosity and let you eat your hamburger calmly.

Burger King’s dogper wants to promote the food deliver service offering a solution to consumers with pets, offering the possibility of including the Dogper for free in the orders via web and app.

Via | La Criatura Creativa

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