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Burger King’s prank camouflaging its orders in McDonald’s bags

La broma de Burger King camuflando sus pedidos en bolsas de McDonald's

For April Fools Day, Burger King decided to play a joke by camouflaging its delivery orders with bags from McDonald’s.

On April 1, “April Fools Day” is celebrated. Like many other traditions, it is becoming more and more international and more and more countries are joining in to celebrate the day of jokes.

A date that dates from 1565, when by means of the Edict of Roussillon the celebration of the new year was changed from April 1 to January 1. The American Protestant colonies were slow to adopt Pope Gregory XIII’s calendar and continued to celebrate the new year on April 1. Therefore, Americans were considered fools, being known for such consideration as the “April fools.”

It is an ideal day for those more hooligan brands to carry out advertising campaigns playing pranks on their customers. This is the case of the Burger King joke camouflaging its home orders with McDonald’s bags.

In Belgium, the fast food restaurant chain decided to surprise some of its customers. The idea, camouflage the delivery order in McDonald’s bags and record the scene. The confusion of the consumers thinking that they had been wrong and the resignation was quite natural.

The Buzzman agency has been the company in charge of carrying out the action and they have achieved a fun and natural piece. An ideal advertising campaign for the day when everyone plays pranks.

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