Cadbury Mum’s Birthday Advert 2024 | Analysis

The VCCP agency has been in charge of the advertising campaign

Cadbury’s advert celebrates the brand’s 200th anniversary by reworking the classic 2018 ad.

One of the longest-standing brands in the United Kingdom is Cadbury’s. It was created in 1824 by the Englishman John Cadbury in the city of Birmingham using a variety of cocoa and chocolates. Now the brand is preparing to celebrate a whole year of events on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of its founding.

The first is the reissue of one of the ads most loved by users, the “Mum’s Birthday” advert that was launched in 2018. An emotional campaign that resonated with the public due to the tenderness of seeing a little girl buying her a chocolate bar. mother and can only pay with toys.

Cadbury’s “Mum Birthday” advert kicks off the brand’s 200th anniversary celebrations. “Yours for 200 years” is the claim that the brand has sought for this commemoration.

The original ad was launched in 2018 and showed us how a girl bought a Cadbury Dairy Milk in a store. She had no money and paid with toys, stuffed animals and buttons, to a grumpy salesman who turned a blind eye. Later the girl gave her mother the chocolate and in the process she congratulated her on her birthday.

The new version of Cadbury’s “Mum’s Birthday” advert focuses on the same story and characters but starting the scene in 1824 and ending in the present day. The original cast of the ad returns, as well as original director Frederic Planchon.

To do it, they have used body doubles, as well as post-production to integrate the (already older) actors into the new creativity.

Cadbury’s “Mum’s Birthday” Analysis

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