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Carrefour’s Christmas commercial has a letter as its main axis

Anuncio de Navidad de Carrefour | The Letter

“The Letter” is Carrefour’s Christmas commercial with a letter as the main axis.

This year is especially difficult for those who want to celebrate Christmas in a traditional way. During the current situation, we recommend not shopping in malls with crowds of people, or getting together to celebrate family holidays. The recommendation from the telling, advertising agency is to have common sense and good sense these days. We can celebrate these days, but heeding the government’s recommendations. For those who want to give gifts, choose to buy in the local store and on days with less influx.

Department stores are aware and that is why they are promoting online shopping with delivery service. This is the case of Carrefour’s Christmas ad, which takes advantage of the context to reinforce its brand purpose.

“The Letter” is the title of Carrefour’s Christmas campaign and that starts from the same premise as one of the most acclaimed Christmas commercials: “The Letter”, by Coca-Cola. In the Carrefour ad we see how a girl writes her peculiar letter to Santa Claus, aware of the workload that poor Santa must bear. To cheer him up, she leaves him some cookies and a glass of milk on the porch.

“The Letter” shows real supermarket workers preparing Christmas orders. The selection of products at the hands of the operators, the personalized purchase service or the distribution and home delivery are some of the services that the multinational highlights.

Carrefour’s Christmas advertisement sounds to the rhythm of “Planetarium” song from the “La La Land” OST and reinforces the company’s effort to perpetuate the magic of these dates.

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